Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Flame of the day

by Charles Pooter

A profound comment left on the excellent Linux Haters Blog:

Anonymous said...
ur head u hopeless
u mad man
monkey donkey
dog's tail
everything bad in this world is the author of this post
don't u have any work or job

JULY 2, 2008 2:55 AM


Ob1Kn00b said...

What a world class shit-hurling contest.

And Jesus saith: "Look you lot, what does it matter what brand of fishing net you use?", and all were amazed.

Also, calls for "get a proper job, so that I might meet you, and abuse you in person."

Mrs Ted Hoffman said...

"everything bad in this world is the author of this post"

I like that all of the evil on earth can blamed on one post, an obvious vortex of wickedness and depravity. But the commenter brings up a good point. How can I raise my future child in a world where the sublimeness of Linux graphics can be called into question? My personal paradigm MUST begin somewhere...