Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Sherlock Holmes not needed

by Charles Pooter

From the Metro

A young mother is warning of the dangers of Facebook after her photos and profile details were posted on a sex website claiming she was a porn star.

Becky Spraggs, 22, discovered the pictures – innocent shots of her around the house – alongside explicit sex images with the message: 'I want to be used and abused.

But the unauthorised use of the photos, which she posted on Facebook, does not break any laws and police are powerless to remove them.

'It's devastating. I can't believe someone can destroy someone else's character like that,' Ms Spraggs, of Stevenage, Herfordshire, said yesterday.

The profile on 'FetLife', which describes itself as Facebook for people with fetishes, said Ms Spraggs would 'do anything' to become a porn actress and invited fans to call the mobile number of her manager to 'see more' of her.

The number belongs to Becky's ex-partner Paul Farrow
, 32, the father of her three children, who received 50 calls a week from fetish enthusiasts.

Neither of them has any idea who posted the pictures.[my emphasis]
Hmm, I have a strong intuition about who posted them…

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cabalamat said...

"But the unauthorised use of the photos [...] does not break any laws"