Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Of Wonder

by Unknown

I recently had the good fortune to find myself in Germany.

For the F1.

Which Lewis Hamilton won.

And, being stood at the hairpin where almost all of the action happened, I wondered how my little holiday in Germany could possibly get any better. It was only the 2nd day, so really, I was expecting to be dissappointed.

Imagine my pleasant surprise to discover that I was wrong.

It was the first time for me to go to an F1 race in person, and it was awesome. I mean, like, wow, awesome. It helps that I'm quite the petrol head, but, still, an atmosphere like that should be experienced by all people, at least once.

Once I had slept soundly (at least 12 hours, you need it after a race weekend!), I started to do some exploration of the little corner of Germany that my Fiancee comes from.

It's an area known as the Spessart region, and it's quite possibly one of the most beautiful places on earth. It runs along the River Main, which winds through the frankfurt region and into bavaria.

Picture post-card is an understated phrase when trying to summarise this places beauty. It's something out of a fairy tale - in fact, it inspired a fairy tale! Snow White and the seven dwarves is loved in the region as they all believe that it originates from the area.

Whilst there, I had occassion to:

1) Drive through huge swarthes of Forest with my future father in law, with red deer, and wild swine (no boars unfortunately) freely bounding accross the forest.

2) Walk through some more forest with my beloved, on a day that was 33oC in the direct sun, but a far more pleasant 24oC in the cool, crisp forest.

3) Drink some of the "fest bier" at the Spessart Festwoche in the town of Lohr, which is a beautiful town, dating back to the 15th century.

Really, it was immense.

Suddenly, arriving back at Bristol airport, I realised why my Fiancee was less than inspired with our choice of residence. To her, all that wonderous stuff is common.

It made me realise a few things. Firstly, how lucky I was to be able to experience all that I did, and what it gave me with regards of what direction I'd like my life to take in the future (something I have never been certain of, and whilst no more certain now, I'm maybe pointing the tiller in a slightly different angle) - and then that it is possible to be used to something wonderous. If you grow up in such natural beauty, you cannot help but take it for granted.

After discussing this point with my Fiancee, we decided that we should spend more time trying to find something that could compete with the Spessart in the UK. It's a big ask in my opinion, not least because of my love of console games and beer, but also because the bar has been set quite high.

Perhaps a few suggestions could help, dear readers?

If not, then allow me to offer a suggestion to you:

Go somewhere wonderous, soon. Be amazed. It's far better than the last wonderous thing that you remember doing.


Anonymous said...

Practically anywhere in Argyllshire that has a view of the sea and preferably a few islands.

But only in summer.

Ann O'Dyne said...

I can only agree with you that just one time, everybody should experience the compressed torque of a pulsing gridfull, waiting on that green light, and the fabulous roar they make when it goes on.

vroom vroom

(the comment above has absolutely no attached approval of Ecclestone)