Monday, 7 July 2008

More Copywrongs

by Charles Pooter

The 20th Century content distributors will go to any lengths to protect their broken business models:

Among the amendments are calls to enact a Europe-wide "three strikes" law. This would see users banned from the web if they fail to heed three warnings that they are suspected of putting copyrighted works on file-sharing networks.

In addition it bestows powers on governments to decide which programs can be "lawfully" used on the internet.
It is almost as if a reductio ad absurdum argument from an anti-copyright polemicist has somehow made its way into the real world.

But really, when we live in a time of information abundance and unaccountable supranational governments, the anti-logic of copyrights and so-called "intellectual property" can only ever lead us to these absurd conclusions.

H/t: DK

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