Saturday, 19 July 2008

Alan Moore Interview

by Charles Pooter

Having just found the trailer to next year's Watchmen film, I've also discovered this interview with Alan Moore. In it he sings the praises of TV show The Wire (agree) and South Park (also agree) and attempts to explain his (now traditional) disowning of movie adaptions of his comic books. In this case he disapproves of the Watchmen adaption because it is masterminded by Zack Snyder who directed 300, a film (and graphic novel ) which Alan considers “racist,…homophobic, and above all…sublimely stupid”. I kind of agree on the first count, not on the second, agree on the third, but…historical context is everything and it was jolly stylish and exciting! I can't help thinking Alan should at least watch an adaption of his work before disowning it.

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