Thursday, 12 June 2008

On David Davis's Resignation

by Edwin Hesselthwite

Over on The Devil's Kitchen a vibrant debate is kicking off about David Davis's resignation and attempt to trigger a bi-election in his seat. I thought it worth posting my own commentary on the issue:

Ok, Let's look at this straight, despite all your flagwaving... Because Davis has totally dropped the ball.

David Davis has resigned in an extremely safe Conservative seat, one he is almost guaranteed to win back... By making this personal, he's shown that his admirable attitude to civil liberties is not mainstream frontbench opinion...

So, with all this flag waving about the glorious tradition of Magna Carta he has nonetheless undermined a significant Parliamentary tradition: MP's cannot resign. Their electorate own their asses. Under a system that runs back to the 16th century, MP's can only leave Parliament when an election comes around, or by being granted either The Stewardship Of The Chiltern Hundreds or The Stewardship of The Manor Of Northstead. In order to get either of these positions, you have to go begging to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, who can permit you to leave. Boris currently holds Northstead, Tony holds Chiltern...

No one has ever pulled this stupid stunt before, because it goes against the spirit of Parliamentry tradition. So, he has to go begging to Alistair Darling to be allowed out, go begging to his own constituency party to give him the job, and then he has to have an election... This is assuming the Labour party even agree to field a candidate in this safe Tory seat.

Labour are now in the enviable position of being able to say "Bugger off, you can't resign", or "Good on you, now run against the BNP and UKIP"... This is a farce.

He's undermined his own career, undermined the impressive work he'd done on the Tory front bench, and given the ball right over to his enemies...

The man's a muppet.

So, he's defending Magna Carta by undermining a grand, and important, parliamentary tradition... Way to go David.

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Charles Pooter said...

If your theory is correct then how come he seems to have resigned successfully?