Sunday, 29 June 2008

Boris backs Little Man, What Now?

by Charles Pooter

We have just learnt that the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has decided to reinstate the tidal flow system within the Blackwall Tunnel.

The Blackwall tunnel, which travels beneath the Thames linking North and South East London, is a busy route for motor traffic. Until recently the tunnel operated a "tidal flow" system. This added an extra Northbound lane in the usually Southbound tunnel in the morning rush hour, easing congestion and allowing a greater number of commuters to use the tunnels to reach their North London jobs from their South London homes. In April 2007 the previous mayor, Ken Livingstone, ended the tidal flow system. The decision was made suddenly without any warning or consultation by Transport for London, who cited safety concerns.

Evidence for these concerns was scant and many were suspicious that Livingstone had an ulterior motive for ending the scheme. These suspicions were backed-up when an investigation by Little Man, What Now? uncovered a secret report commissioned by Transport for London.

Little Man, What Now? is proud to be a part of the reversal of this politically-motivated decision, which has increased congestion and resulted in longer travel times for London commuters. If Mr Johnson needs any other policy suggestions, we encourage him to search through our archives.

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