Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Misfortune, or poor choices?

by Unknown

Y'know, I can't help but feel that since my last piece on the French automobile I own, I have somewhat jinxed myself in terms of good fortune with cars, as I appear to have none.

At all.

Let me explain:

So, since the first expenditure of £280 on the fan belt and tensioning spring/pulley set, The car ran like a dream. For 3 weeks. Then it started making the same noise. So, back to the garage. The bit was duly adjusted and the noise went away. Rejoice!

My Fiancee and I make our way over to sunny France in the car for the christening of a friends child. A good time is had by all and we are able to drive around the country in peace, fill the car up with interesting red wines, good German Beers (they warrant the capital letters, such is their quality!) and return to the UK.

15 miles after hitting the UK shoreline, I find that we are stuck at the side of the M27, at 10pm on a Sunday night, as the fan belt has shredded inside the car. Alas, The AA were not able to recover us for 3 hours, but, in that typical understated british way, I said

"Well, at least it's a pleasant night for it."

And so, the car is returned to the garage, where it is repaired free of charge, due to the recent work done. All repairs carried out, I continue to use the car. Glee! I have my Bambi (see previous posts on commuting for details) back!

3 days later the Cam gear fails when I pick my Fiancee up from work. Now, as this is different, it costs. Oh yes, it costs. £345 for the repairs. So, now having spent that much money, I decide that I will service the car too, after all, the garage have done some good work on my car. Yes, that brings the total for that garage visit to £463 - adding in the £280 that I paid out the first time, that's £743 in less than a month.


Finally, the car is returned. Tentatively, I ran it around the block a few times. It seems good. Quiet, very little knock, all seems well.

I have already arranged a commute buddy for my workplace though, so I offer the car to Fiancee for use for her small commute.

This morning, the very day after I get my car back, My Fiancee goes and scrapes it against a wall, damaging the back half of the passanger bodywork.



Charles Pooter said...

Get rid of it. Polish it up and sell it on Ebay. Cut your loses. Every f-ing journey something will go wrong. Mark my words: you're doomed, dooooooomed... if you keep that French car.

Anonymous said...

You should have bought a German car.


Tobias Gregson said...
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Tobias Gregson said...

You should have bought British. Your treachery has come back to haunt you.

Britain still has many fine manufacturers of automobiles, such as TVR and Noble. Models of vehicle start at a very reasonable £70,000.

Rabbie Macintosh said...


I would love to. I do however, find myself in a position of negative equity if I try to shift it. Cutting one's losses is a good point, but it's now the principle of the matter. I will not surrender to the French. I couldn't forgive myself.


Are you, in fact, my Fiancee? If so, Hi Hon. I'll be home at the usual time.


Indeed, my foul betrayal of british engineering has brought me up short. Sorely do I lament that I have been unable to purchase one of the fine examples of British power: Ascari, McLaren, Noble, TVR, and the many other reasonably priced and fuel economic british made cars available on the common market...