Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Cat vs Internet

by Charles Pooter

Bizarrely, the only phone socket in our house is in the master bedroom. I haven't had the time or the inclination to move it in the year we have been there. Our wireless internet router sits on my bedside table, two feet from my sleeping head, frying my brain with its microwaves.

I awoke last night at 4 AM to a chewing sound. An instinct made me investigate and so I flipped on the light. Busted!...I caught him red-pawed: the male of our two one-year-old sibling cats, who both share our house, chewing on my broadband internet cable.

This can mean only one of four things:
  1. He is jealous of the time I spend with my laptop, when clearly I should be dangling string in front of his paws.
  2. He is a tabloid reader and is concerned for my heath.
  3. He likes the taste of data cables.

  4. He is a lolcat:

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