Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Jolly Comrades

by Charles Pooter

In the 1920s The Little Man was commisioned to make a series of films for the Pathe company. These were to be shown alongside the company's newsreels in British cinemas. The films varied in quality and covered an electic range of subjects in an inconsistent style. Only six films were made and Pathe did not renew The Little Man's initial contract. Nevertheless, the first film, documenting the lives of the entertainers and showmen who entertained the pickets during the general strike of 1926, is still considered a classic. Fresh from the National Film Archive, it is with pleasure and pride that we present this newly-digitised film to you today. We hope you enjoy The Jolly Comrades.

1 comment:

Dunc said...

Ha Ha Ha.. the Rick Roll. How bloody previous...still better than Goatse I have to admit.
The worse thing is, I remember that video from the first time round.