Friday, 28 March 2008

Yapping Pomeranian Mauls English Mastiff

by Charles Pooter

As expected, in round three of their debate, the “yapping Pomeranian”, Kevin Carson gives Samizdata's “English Mastiff”, Paul Marks the savaging he deserves:

Round 1: Contract Feudalism: A Critique of Employer Power over Employees by Kevin Carson.

Round 2: A Critique of a Critique: An Examination of Kevin Carson’s “Contract Feudalism” by Paul Marks.

Interlude: Samizdata blog posting by Perry de Havilland with “yapping Pomeranian” comment.

Round 3: Further Thoughts about “Contract Feudalism”: A Response to Paul Marks by Kevin Carson.

Suggested new logo for Mutualism or Left-Libertariansm: A fierce-looking Mutualist Pomeranian tearing chunks from the ankle of a complacent vulgar libertarian English Mastiff.

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