Monday, 10 March 2008

That oath of allegiance in full

by Charles Pooter

That oath of allegiance in full:

“I pledge my allegiance to the UK, Queen Brenda of Slough and to the EU as my designated regional trading bloc.

I promise to do my duty to my God/my secular belief system [delete as applicable] and to the community and/or communities of which I am a member, notwithstanding my prior allegiance to the above authorities.

If I belong to a devolved nation or region within the UK, I also swear allegiance to my elected parliament or assembly in so far as relevant powers have been devolved to that body.

I understand that this pledge does not imply any reciprocal allegiance from the state to myself. My home may be at risk if I do not keep up with repayments. Participating stores only. Redemption value: £0.001p.”

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