Tuesday, 22 January 2008

The British Revolution

by Edwin Hesselthwite

A Very English Uprising


Two men are standing in the front room of a house in the north of England. They carry themselves with a manner of authority, suggestive of influence in the local community.

“Well, Yorkie, you've been reading as much as I have about the steel works and the mills? Everyone's getting restless. I think we’re going to have to head South, remind them again.”

“Aye: you talk to yours, I'll talk to mine. Bring what you think is necessary.”

9 hours later, after some rousing speeches, some disorganised trudging, and a broken wheel on the Great North Road.

“Ok, we’ve barely passed Sheffield, it's pissing it down, and my back is killing me. I’m not saying we should give up on taking our pikes to Parliament, but shall we take a break for a pint? Then we can organise some proper coaches in the evening and really take the hammer to Whitehall.”

Birds continue to sing in Parliament and Trafalgar Squares. An unusually large pigeon turd lands on the tip of Nelson's nose, and splashes slightly.

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