Monday, 28 January 2008

Spoilers in BAUMs - An Open Thread

by Edwin Hesselthwite

Bakelite And Uranium Mondays is proving something of a success - in that each story chosen so far has proved easy enough to review, but substantial enough to justify a BAUM a week. There have also been some nice unexpected side effects: each article has rocketed to the front or second page of Google, suggesting that these are adding something of value to the interweb's body of knowledge. We at Little Man, What Now? are therefore likely to persevere with this project for a while yet.

However, we are open to the accusation of spoiling, and have heard in some back chatter that we've killed a few stories dead. The science fiction short (although we will try to do other genres too) tends to depend on the build up and the reveal, meaning that by having any sort of in depth discussion of story structure, plot and themes we weaken the story for the audience, and this is pretty unavoidable if we want to engage in any analysis. We've tried in each case to reveal as much as possible about the story without shedding any light on the primary twist, but we realise that one person's primary twist is another's minor feature. So, we hand you an open thread in which to give us some feedback. Would you prefer less information about the plot, or are you happy with the tone of BAUM?

I have to admit, my personal tendency has been to give more, rather than less, information. Classic short stories are not easily acquired separately, and I'm not particularly expecting this series to sell anthologies to people, and therefore I am mostly interested in discussing their place in the history of the genre, and ranking them on Google for the casual reader, rather than selling these stories to you: The Regulars. Still, we value your input, so please... Open thread:

All other BAUM issues gladly taken, I (Edwin) realise that BAUM is eating up a lot of my productivity at the moment, and normal service will attempt to be resumed shortly. When I am suitably inspired by other topics.

So, to our faithful, singular, reader... We thank you for your thoughts.


Bibliolatrist said...

I've enjoyed your reviews so far and don't feel as though anything's been spoiled. Keep 'em coming, as far as I'm concerned!

Charles Pooter said...

Looks like our single reader has blessed the enterprise Edwin!

Anarkey said...

Spoil away, I say. Been enjoying the series.