Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Polly Toynbee and the Meaning of Life

by Charles Pooter

Polly is predictable (wrong) as ever. You gotta love (hate) her.

Her argument in favour of Government vampirism is entirely "utilitarian". This being the case she really she has no logical reason to be against the organs of those who are almost dead from also being harvested for use by younger, more deserving citizens. In practice of course, subconscious utilitarianism will take place anyway. Doctors will not be able to stop themselves trying just that little bit less hard to resuscitate the 40 year old biker with the crushed skull, knowing that the six year old schoolgirl next door really needs a new heart very soon and that the biker will be a vegetable anyway if he ever comes round. The fact that the biker's heart will be theirs automatically when he dies will make their unconscious utilitarian urges even harder to resist.

There is no "implied consent" for anyone to use your corpse after death. There already exists the common-law concept of next of kin. Almost everyone has their next of kin recorded somewhere and this person is someone who can probably be trusted to give an opinion about the wishes of the deceased.

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Vindico said...

Well said. We are entering very very dangerous territory.