Friday, 4 January 2008

Easter Eggs

by Charles Pooter

David Lindsay comments:

I Saw Easter Eggs For Sale Today. I really haven't the words...
I have:Mmmmm sacrilicious!

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Edwin Hesselthwite said...

I was thinking about this post... While it would be unfair to make assumptions, I'll make a guess that Mr Lindsay is referring to Cadbury's, who began their mammoth marketing campaign for Creme Eggs this week (it's ubiquitous on The Tube already).

Following up with a bit of research, it appears that The Creme Egg is the biggest selling British Confectionary between January and Easter every year, and is retailed worldwide... Cadbury's claim to engage in continuous annual production just to serve this brief period of high demand. This, while an unusual marketing strategy is clearly a triumph for British manufacturing.

And further, the industrial-social heritage of the Quaker-founded Cadbury company (with the construction of the Bournville village, and tenancy clauses still in place that hinge on temperance) would make it to my mind, the organisation in Britain most in key with Mr Lindsay's politics... As confectioners are increasingly being treated as only one step up from Cigarette companies and BAE in terms of toxic-politics, I think now is certainly not the time for one to tell them off for marketing their products slightly earlier than you would like...

Mr Lindsay: YOU ARE WRONG SIR!!! (assuming you are talking about Cadbury's creme eggs)