Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Alien Vs Predator

by Charles Pooter

Stolen from Digg.

Friday, 21 December 2007

Two Blogs

by Charles Pooter

Just a quick post to recommend two blogs I've been meaning to mention for quite a while:

Arthur Silber's Once Upon A Time... and William Grigg's Pro Libertate.

Day after day, both men tirelessly and heroically document the United States' transformation from a republic into an empire (with all the filthy corruption, torture and tyranny that entails) whilst quietly facing personal stuggles of their own. Their efforts fill me with shame at my own lack of writing on England's own descent. Merry Christmas Arthur and William, I hope the New Year brings a reversal of liberty's fortunes in your country and my own.

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Thanks for the Link

by Charles Pooter

In honour of the estimable Richard Herring linking to this blog, here is a YouTube clip from Lee and Herring's This Morning with Richard Not Judy. It feature's Histor, Sky TV's historical educational crow, and his sidekick Pliny explaining the meaning of St George's day. Thanks for the link Mr Herring, we are egg-stremely grateful!

Monday, 10 December 2007

Another Classic of the Genre

by Charles Pooter

More from the LA blog I'm afraid. Just a coincidence. Following up on his global warming classic, Sean Gabb has published another stonking press release, this time about PC plod:

In Association with the Libertarian International

Release Date: Monday 10th December 2007
Release Time: Immediate

Contact Details:
Dr Sean Gabb, 07956 472 199,

For other contact and link details, see the foot of this message
Release url:


The Libertarian Alliance, the radical free market and civil liberties think tank and pressure group, today calls on the Police Federation to urge their members to vote for the right to strike - then to call them out on strike and to stay on strike.

Dr Sean Gabb, Director of the Libertarian Alliance, comments:

"The idea that the main function of the police is to protect life and property requires a firm resolve not to read the newspapers. There was a time within living memory when the worst the police did was to resell porn and drugs, and license burglars, and hang round public lavatories arresting any man desperate enough to fancy them. In addition to this, to be fair, they did provide the occasional protective service.

"But this is history. The police nowadays are little more than an increasingly trigger-happy ruling class militia. They spend much of their time listening to radio discussions in search of people to harass for saying something politically incorrect. If they do leave the fortified compounds we used to call police stations, it is to arrest householders for protecting their lives and property, or to breathalyse every tenth driver on the local A roads. The police are politically and financially corrupt. They are personally dangerous to be near. The only thing still to be said in their favour is that they are lazy and incompetent.

"England has become a country where if you see a police officer knocking on your door, you panic.

"We welcome the calls for the police to be allowed to go on strike. We urge all police officers to vote for this right, then to exercise it. We further call on the authorities not to negotiate with the strikers.

"A police strike would be the biggest blow for liberty since the abolition of identity cards in 1952. Free from the hot breath of PC Plod on our necks, we could all speak freely again, and take whatever steps were needed to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the other trash infesting this country."

The Libertarian Alliance believes:

  • In the abolition of state policing:
  • In the repeal of all the Firearms Acts from 1920 to 1997, plus any other laws limiting the right to keep and use firearms;
  • In the repeal of all laws banning the carrying and use of other defensive weapons;
  • That the money thereby saved should be used to cut taxes.


Political Animal 7

by Charles Pooter

We're Doomed!

by Charles Pooter

“We're doomed!”
A rather apocalyptic scenario has been described on the Libertarian Alliance blog:
We wake-up in the morning and find there is neither heating nor lighting. Unless there is plenty of hot water in the tank we are left to have a cold wash/bath/shower - rather unpleasant.

Next day we wake up and get dressed. We hear a knock at the door and, amazing coincidence, two police officers are at the door. We ask how they heard of the burglary - they didn’t, they were just calling to say that have been told there is a major national emergency, and they called to tell us that the government has declared martial law. They have not been told exactly what is wrong, but as a precaution the government has ordered a curfew during the hours of darkness, and looters may be shot. The police take down details of the burglary and say they will investigate it when life returns to normal. In the meantime they advise locking-up well and, *unofficially* to keep weapons to hand. They say they will try to visit homes regularly, but they are short-staffed as many of their colleagues have not turned-up to work, and not to be alarmed if we see armed soldiers on the streets from time to time.
David Davis leaves the following comment to the post:

Twenty-five years ago, Chris Tame, judy Englander and I had a plan. It was admittedly based on the (then) more likely scenario that the USSR and the West might come to blows. We did not consider the above scenario in detail as Thatcher and Reagan wree in power , running what passed for the civilised world, and the State and Big Business in the West’s Nations would do their part, being largely conservative, and more or less collectively staffed and run by conservatives.

The blogged scenario is now more likely, sadly.

What we did was buy, and stow in two small suitcases per person, amounts of the following:

Stormproof matches
Dried preverved food as for mountaineers
Water-disinfection tablets
Small hammer and nails
Metal-lined survival sleeping bags (2 each)
A camping-Gaz stove each
A dozen gas canisters each (they last quite well)
Small set of military billy-cans for field use
2 waterproof groundsheets
A bedsheet
A small tent for 2 people at a push (about £11 then!)
Many plastic or carrier bags
Large thick seethrough plastic bag for wearing over clothes in rain
Guns (x 2) each (and ammo - darts and slugs) (only air pistols, but as Tesco says, every little helps, and you could sneak up on rats, stoats and rabbits with them too)

Each item lovingly wrapped in on or two of its own plastic carrier-bags, cold water being the enemy of advanced civilisation. GOD BLESS the PLASTIC BAG…..PEACE BE UPON IT… WW2 we used oiled paper - anyone remember that, and its limitations?

The plan for us three was for me (I had a car) to meet at the first sign of the Ballooon going up, and to drive west. We knew a place to go, even, and would have been taken in by the man there, this was all pre-arranged.

In return, I had to keep 10 1-gallon metal cans of petrol (sufficient for about 340 miles), always full, for ever, and get them packed into the car whatever its fuel state first, before collecting Chris and Judy.

We had no mobile phones then. God knows how we would have executed this, but at least it was a start.
And, at around the same time, my friends and I in the school playground spent weeks of playtimes designing a nuclear bunker, which we intended to build without the knowledge of our parents or the authorities. What does this prove? It proves that survivalist fantasies are common to both libertarians and small schoolboys. Of course, some would say that the former are just overgrown versions of the latter. Not me obviously, as I would just be insulting myself.

But, what is it about the current economic and social situation that leads the author to fear such a happening? I can see a downturn, a recession or even a depression on the near horizon, but what leads him to think the infrastructure of the corporatist state is near collapse?

Sunday, 9 December 2007

My Great-Great Grandfather the Mentalist

by Charles Pooter

To My Great-Great-Grandchildren: How’s Your Climate?

Dear Great-Great-Grandfather,

I'm sorry to say it turned out you were all nuts. In fact, I am currently sitting in the cottage looking out over frozen Muldrew Lake, writing up my history PhD thesis, the title of which is "The Great Climate Change Histeria 1980-2020: Why Did They All Go nuts?".

By the way, vote Ron Paul.

Smell you later,
Your great, great Grandson,
Simon Ron Paul Donner.

Friday, 7 December 2007

Kids Today

by Tobias Gregson

David Lindsay encounters some disrespectful youths on a bus. They were probably neo-conservatives or something. I jest. But did he reprimand them or did he just stand there with hate and fear boiling inside him? Most people would have just stood there. Depending how much I'd had at the Crown and Anchor, I would probably have just stood there saying nothing too.

With even middle-class youth becoming increasingly feral, I advise one of two courses of action when encountering trouble from what I like to call "Generation F***ed". The first is to keep silent and not make eye contact. This is the best thing to do on public transport, where escape is difficult and you have the saftey of the herd. The second course of action, which I employed recently when I discovered some particularly rat-faced specimens sniffing around the back of my house, is to shout obscenity-laden abuse whilst brandishing a metal chair leg. If you take the second course of action you must give the impression that you are mentally unstable, care not for your personal safety and that you are capable of unprovoked acts of extreme and random violence. You have to unleash without reticence: the more spittle, the more violent the threats and the more unhinged the profanity, the better. Just conjure the vilest words in your vocabulary and string them together like a jazz-poet with Tourettes. If for a minute they realise you are bluffing and that you are in fact a physical coward with no martial ability, you are done for. Despite being genetic flotsam and jetsam, junior scum-bags have acute fear detectors.

Interestingly, both these courses of action are suggested by the likes of Ray Mears for dealing with bears in the North American wilderness.

Taking the middle course of action, protesting disdainfully in a quiet English manner, will earn you a stabbing...I'm not sure what would happen if you tried it with a bear.

Thursday, 6 December 2007

Quote of the Day

by Charles Pooter

“It's hard to escape the conclusion of Jemma Freeman, the managing director of cigar importers Hunters and Frankau and a keen cigar smoker herself, that the government does not really want us to meet in public places any more, and would much rather we all stayed home and vegetated in front of the television instead.”
- Neil Clark

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Minesweeper: The Movie

by Charles Pooter

Found by Lucas.