Monday, 10 December 2007

We're Doomed!

by Charles Pooter

“We're doomed!”
A rather apocalyptic scenario has been described on the Libertarian Alliance blog:
We wake-up in the morning and find there is neither heating nor lighting. Unless there is plenty of hot water in the tank we are left to have a cold wash/bath/shower - rather unpleasant.

Next day we wake up and get dressed. We hear a knock at the door and, amazing coincidence, two police officers are at the door. We ask how they heard of the burglary - they didn’t, they were just calling to say that have been told there is a major national emergency, and they called to tell us that the government has declared martial law. They have not been told exactly what is wrong, but as a precaution the government has ordered a curfew during the hours of darkness, and looters may be shot. The police take down details of the burglary and say they will investigate it when life returns to normal. In the meantime they advise locking-up well and, *unofficially* to keep weapons to hand. They say they will try to visit homes regularly, but they are short-staffed as many of their colleagues have not turned-up to work, and not to be alarmed if we see armed soldiers on the streets from time to time.
David Davis leaves the following comment to the post:

Twenty-five years ago, Chris Tame, judy Englander and I had a plan. It was admittedly based on the (then) more likely scenario that the USSR and the West might come to blows. We did not consider the above scenario in detail as Thatcher and Reagan wree in power , running what passed for the civilised world, and the State and Big Business in the West’s Nations would do their part, being largely conservative, and more or less collectively staffed and run by conservatives.

The blogged scenario is now more likely, sadly.

What we did was buy, and stow in two small suitcases per person, amounts of the following:

Stormproof matches
Dried preverved food as for mountaineers
Water-disinfection tablets
Small hammer and nails
Metal-lined survival sleeping bags (2 each)
A camping-Gaz stove each
A dozen gas canisters each (they last quite well)
Small set of military billy-cans for field use
2 waterproof groundsheets
A bedsheet
A small tent for 2 people at a push (about £11 then!)
Many plastic or carrier bags
Large thick seethrough plastic bag for wearing over clothes in rain
Guns (x 2) each (and ammo - darts and slugs) (only air pistols, but as Tesco says, every little helps, and you could sneak up on rats, stoats and rabbits with them too)

Each item lovingly wrapped in on or two of its own plastic carrier-bags, cold water being the enemy of advanced civilisation. GOD BLESS the PLASTIC BAG…..PEACE BE UPON IT… WW2 we used oiled paper - anyone remember that, and its limitations?

The plan for us three was for me (I had a car) to meet at the first sign of the Ballooon going up, and to drive west. We knew a place to go, even, and would have been taken in by the man there, this was all pre-arranged.

In return, I had to keep 10 1-gallon metal cans of petrol (sufficient for about 340 miles), always full, for ever, and get them packed into the car whatever its fuel state first, before collecting Chris and Judy.

We had no mobile phones then. God knows how we would have executed this, but at least it was a start.
And, at around the same time, my friends and I in the school playground spent weeks of playtimes designing a nuclear bunker, which we intended to build without the knowledge of our parents or the authorities. What does this prove? It proves that survivalist fantasies are common to both libertarians and small schoolboys. Of course, some would say that the former are just overgrown versions of the latter. Not me obviously, as I would just be insulting myself.

But, what is it about the current economic and social situation that leads the author to fear such a happening? I can see a downturn, a recession or even a depression on the near horizon, but what leads him to think the infrastructure of the corporatist state is near collapse?

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Ann O'Dyne said...

"the corporatist state is near collapse"?
NO argument from me.
Australian cities are all on stringent restriction of water consumption.
Privatised foreign-owned electricity breaks down frequently enough to drive the restaurant trade crazy ... the Australian Defence Force has tanks with computer systems owned and operated by a FOREIGN country of dubious friendship, oh don't get me started.

'survivalist fantasies' are not the sole preserve of small boys ... you do recall the Millenium Panic? ... when everybody was stockpiling canned baked beans in case their computers caused the electric grid to crash.