Thursday, 8 November 2007

Minister For Arms Dealing Quits Government to Win Le Mans

by Edwin Hesselthwite

Awww, how cute, politician dates a Cheeky G... sorry, joins Mclaren.

So a medium-scale political figure (he's only a Lord after all) has resigned his post in politics, to go and win Le Mans. A one day news furore, some stylish photographs in a motor-sport helmet followed by a disappearance from the public eye. The media lap it up (snark!), because it's a lovely fit of politics with human interest.

Call me a conspiracy theorist tho, but I smell a rat. This isn't just any low-ranked ministry, this man was in charge of Defence Procurement. One year ago I wrote a pretty significant article on the topic of his job, where I highlighted the vast and cavernous history of corruption associated with it under the last Tory regime. Alan Clark, Jonathan "Liar" Aitken and Stephen "dead with a bin bag over his head" Milligan were all tied to it. I am convinced that bending the law is one of the responsibilities that come with this post.

Last week was the state-visit of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, the key partner in the long history of Defence Procurement corruption (as they funnel dirty money from that regime to BAE). In the year since I wrote my last piece, Labour corruption surfaced in the abandoned enquiry, a nasty and obviously dirty business that The Guardian's David Leigh (a man deserving of the title Hero) seems to have made it his life's work to bust open. Lord Drayson's decision to get out, straight after a major Saudi visit, leaves me as suspicious as ever about the State of Denmark.

If I were Minister Of State For Defence Equipment and Support, the new name for Defence Procurement (under Blair it was a PUSS-level job), I would cultivate a second string that would allow such a photogenic pull-out, allowing it to be brought to the fore when the blood and notes start to stick too irrevocably to my hands.

Drayson in the money shot, selling DML's MWMIK 4*4


Edwin Hesselthwite said...

Christ, I mention him one day, and the next he crawl out from under his rock...

I would like to apologise for summoning Jonathan Aitken, I'll get back to rubbing this lamp as hard as I can

Ann O'Dyne said...

oh dear oh dear.
I saw the HELLO pictures of Her Maj and the King of the Saudis on the same day our weekend papers carried the news of the Saudi rape victim getting 6 months and 200 lashes. She must read the papers.?

Richard Olver of BAE is a director of Reuters who must work hard on his behalf, suppressing bad news about their evil king customer.

Ann O'Dyne said...

'she must read the papers' refers to her Maj, not to the rape victim.