Wednesday, 21 November 2007

First We Take Manhattan, Then We Take Berlin... LMWN Branches Into Audio

by Edwin Hesselthwite

Sometimes things just fall into your lap... Work you'd forgotten you ever did yielding up fresh pleasures.

Such is the case with today's posting, and excuse me if I drop into anecdotage to tell you where this came from... Some years back I wrote a short story, in the fictionalised essay form, that I was somewhat pleased by, and I posted it on the 'net. Mostly forgotten apart from the odd re-read and two years pass down the line, when I get an email asking me if I would be willing to allow it to be converted to MP3 form and podcast elsewhere. Well the answer to that was "yes, sure, but I don't think it will work in audio at all". Two somewhat baffled hours later the file we have published below landed in my lap.

Justin Fanshaw as he chooses to be called, has done an impressive job of the adaptation (he has cut it down by a half but kept the tone of the piece), and his voice is exactly how I always imagined this story being presented. It's a somewhat odd piece, an atmosphere focused story using a fictional publican as a way to bring out the bohemian feel of one of my favourite London neighbourhoods - Soho (it's painfully over-researched). So, without further introduction... I give you:

Jacob Whetstone

Landlord, Writer, Chaos Merchant and Baron of London's Bohemia
"Sod The Tower and The Rock, bloody ravens and monkeys. No, the day the cats leave The Wheatsheaf is the day the barrels run dry, it'll be the end! Or at least it will be for you, Thomas, I can't stand you sober!" John Betjeman, British Poet Laureate, 1906 -1984, in conversation with Dylan Thomas
(adapted for audio and voiced by Justin Fanshaw)


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