Thursday, 4 October 2007

NHS Propaganda

by Dom Corrigan

When we see politicians meeting surgeons in theatre, the doctors are normally wearing surgical scrubs, including a hat. If we were able to see their feet, they'd be wearing clogs - footwear just for the theatres and meeting rooms, stores and corridors of the surgical unit. For reasons of hygiene, one is not permitted to enter a surgical unit unless so attired, a bit like a lab clean room - it is a technique that works to keep a percentage of dirt away out.

Unlike in wards, where the cross infection is mainly associated with high patient turnover and bed occupancy, in theatre doctors are in a position to ensure levels of cleanliness. Gordon Brown was on TV in theatre today. Why politicians are allowed into theatre in "normal" attire of suit, and outside shoes against protocol that actually works is beyond me. Perhaps it's to avoid this sort of thing:


Charles Pooter said...

It is a little known fact that Gordon Brown secretes disinfectant from all of his pores. This is in addition to his false eye, which is an infra-red camera that can spot invisible dirt.

How dare you criticise the cleanest Labour Prime Minister since the King had James Ramsay MacDonald deloused!

Anonymous said...

"L is for Labour. L is for LICE!"

Ann O'Dyne said...

All Pollies should be required by law to suit-up at all times to prevent cross-infection.

Down here in Australia where VERY SILLY people run our animal quarantine, the inspecting officer of some horses arrived from Japan DID NOT take precautions and tracked-away all the equine influenza germs it carried, and which have now infected every horse in the damn country.
*cough cough*

no cure for stupidity but death I reckon.