Monday, 1 October 2007

Because he really wanted that .1 mooch point

by Edwin Hesselthwite

I'm a big fan of the website Bookmooch... Introduced to it by Charles here, it is basically an internet book-sharing site. Where for the price of throwing a book to the collective, you get 1.2 books in return (.1 is given immediately for listing a book for sharing, and .1 for acknowledging receipt of a book). For the economists amongst us, this may sound inflationary, and it is. But it tends to work itself out due to the inherent inefficiency in a charity based system - most people give away more books than they take, and their credits stack up unused. At present I advertise this site here in the aim of gaining access to more peoples books: I suspect Little Man, What Now? readers of having book collections I want to co-opt. Nonetheless, we shall all be wary of the impending abookalypse, when hundreds of moochers stand outside John Buckman's house desperate to get their books out now. And the British Library and Library Of Congress stand poised to throw a mountainous pile of Terry Pratchett's Discword and Clancy's Jack Ryan volumes in as lenders of last resort.

Anyway, as one trawls Bookmooch daily you sometimes across an offer that just makes you laugh out loud. As I did today:

Immortality Inc by Robert Sheckley

ex library book with canceled stickers and stamping inside covers. spine is slightly torn and binding doesn't look too good.
This is one to read and then mooch on or throw in the bin me thinks.
only listed it because no one else is offering it else I'd have thrown this out.
However the pages are legible even amidst the spilt coffee stains.
lol I'll be amazed if anyone wants this, but as its the only one available the choice is yours.

I'm unemployed due to illness and have limited funds so there may be a delay in posting, but i shall inform you if that's the case (maximum delay could be 2 weeks).
I cannot afford to send hardback books abroad as a rule but contact me regardless because if nobody is mooching from me that week i may make an exception if i can afford to (if not then maybe a mooch angel can help us out).
Any questions by all means e-mail me.
Don't think I'll be taking that one Mr Moocher... Maybe some other day.


Bibliolatrist said...

That one made me laugh, thanks for the post.

I've thought about joining Bookmooch but the thought of giving a book away gives me a stomachache. I'll have to do something soon, though, as I've got too many junkers to accomodate much longer.

Edwin Hesselthwite said...

When I first heard of bookmooch I felt exactly the same, but then I realised I had a fair number (almost double digits) of duplicates, and that there could be no pain in giving away a second copy of Heinlein's Job.

Then once you start you realise how liberating it is... Getting rid of the Conrad and Amis volume's that have been cluttering my shelf for years was a joy... Sitting there in full knowledge that I will never finish them, but that I will always feel guilty for only reading 20 pages of the darn things.

I strongly, strongly recommend it if you're finding that you have stacks out of control (I was recently informed that my book collection had got so out of control it was damaging the house's structure... I kid you not). It is a liberation

Pritchard Buckminster said...

You have mentioned this to me before, Edwin. Will now have to try. The "library" (er, spare room stuffed with books) has actually achieved critical L-Space functionality now - I receive books before I've even known they were out (damn you Amazon and your 1 click pre-order system)!

Soon to arrive on book mooch - more 50's and 60's sci-fi than you can shake an over-the-top hand painted front cover at!