Friday, 24 August 2007

LMWN: Bigger Than The Telegraph in 22027 C.E.

by Edwin Hesselthwite

Today Little Man, What Now? passed something of a landmark in terms of readership: we clipped 50 RSS feed subscribers (55 today). Monitoring our helpful Feedburner statistics (we started using this facility in November '06) allows us to determine the implications of this minor milestone.

The raw statistics for subscribers per-day since we began using Feedburner.

Now, when we first looked at this, we noticed a pretty consistent linear to our readership figures, and decided to feed this data into a convenient statistical package.

A plot (with linear and correlation coefficient) of number of subscribers against time.

The correlation that resulted was strong, so we have passed this information (and the data generated for our pageloads activity) on to our friends and colleagues at the Seldon Institute for Psychohistory, who are expert at predicting the future from numerical information. The resulting mathematical constructions will allow the Adam Hawks Estate and Little Man Trust to determine future expenditure and make consistent mitigating decisions in relation to projected events.

Based on preliminary studies, the next print edition of LMWN should be entering the shops in 2118 C.E. And, assuming this holds true, we will be eclipsing The Independent newspaper in early 6737 C.E (just in time for the next glacial period).

When our dear friend Sol goes begins to expand, our readership will be pushing 202 billion... And when all the suns finally begin to die at the imminent heat death of our universe, the subscriber base should be holding firm at 45*1014 readers.

Little Man, What Now? will remain firmly interspeciesist in the final days of the Kalmaran-Garhafstrom Nebula 18 resource war.


Charles Pooter said...

I firmly expect our subscriber number to fall below 50 again when they read this nonsense!

Chuck Unsworth said...

Fondly remember the adaptation of the Foundation series being broadcast on the Home Service in the 1970's.

Never found it again in cyberspace....

Vindico said...

tis a great achievement! I am hovering at just over 20 at the moment.
Just found your blog after seeing DK's top UKIP bloggers over at the kitchen. Hopefully our numbers will grow, but meanwhile it is nice ot be listed as a top UKIp blogger!