Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Cartoon Characters Hit Back at Consumer Association

by Charles Pooter

Cartoon characters today hit back at a survey published by Which? (The Consumer Association) that accused the characters of "undermining parents' efforts to make their children eat healthily".

Said Bart Simpson, the spokesman for the group: "As far as I'm concerned Which? can eat my shorts. Candy and junk-food have always been promoted using colourful characters such as myself and hopefully always will. What kind of grey, joyless world do these puritans wish to create?

And another thing, this survey seems like quite a political act for an organisation that is supposedly a 'charity'. What aim can it have apart from attempting to influence UK Government policy? Surely it is wrong for charities to engage in political activity? Or maybe the survey was commisioned by the business of arm of Which?, the part that seems to have a monopoly on magazines comparing consumer goods. If so, then this survey can just be regarded as a publicity stunt designed to boost their own brand recognition. Whatever the case, Which? seems like a very murky, unaccountable organisation that wields disproportianate power in the media. It continually publishes reports and surveys that invariably attempt to show the need for ever-more bans, restrictions and regulations in the marketplace. It is an organisation with a very clear political agenda and is ripe for investigation by the relevant authorities. As I said previously, they can eat my shorts."

Coco the Monkey was singled out for criticism in the report. When asked for a response, he had this to say:

"My name's Coco, I'm a monkey like you,
I live in the Jungle not in the zoo.
By saying you can't control what your kids eat,
The Consumer Association thinks you are all monkeys too.
(Oh yeah!)"

Tony the Tiger was unavailable for comment.

Simpson to Which?: "Eat my Shorts you nannying puritans"

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