Monday, 23 July 2007

Harry Pooter and the Updated Blog

by Charles Pooter

" see Harry," said Dumbledouche, "the thing you must understand about fuggles is that they don't understand the nature of blogging. A fuggle thinks that he can update his blog only once a week or even once a month."

"lol," said Harry Pooter, "fuggles r n00bz."

"Yes indeed Harry," said Dumbledouche, smiling at the youngster's amusing turn of phrase, "some fuggles believe that RSS will save them from having to post frequently, but RSS is a dark magic not understood by most of their readers. We wizards know that to retain and build an audience, we most post regularly, even if that post is merely a link to a picture of a cat in an amusing situation."

"rofl," said Harry, "cat bloggers are lamerz!"

Dumbledouche laughed. "Oh yes, quite true young wizard. But to many people, blogs are like the crack-cocaine that Mr Snake confiscated from you and your young friends last term. As you know, the quality of the crack isn't as important as getting a regular supply. If the dealer halts his supply then the addict will look elsewhere. You remember how Ron had to start buying his shit from the Snuff-n-puff House when supplies in his own house dried up? So you see, ANY blog posts are better than none at all. Even this load of derivative old rubbish."

"I like crack a lot!" said Harry, his eyes glazing over.

"Of course you do," said Dumbledouche, putting his arm around Harry's shoulder, "now lets see if I can't find some in my study."

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