Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Playing at Doctors and Nurses

by Charles Pooter

…or rather midwives. Doctor Jon Crippen comments on the appalling quality of care provided by some midwives in the NHS. I left the following comment on his post:

“I'm sure you're right Doc, but the thing is, ANY criticism of alternative healthcare providers by Doctors is inherently suspect. For over 100 years you and your fellow saw-bones have worked tirelessly to cement your guild's place as the only legally recognised medical suppliers. By doing so (and thus massively artificially reducing the supply of medical care) you have caused far more misery and pain than a few incompetent midwives ever could.”
We will never really improve healthcare until we tackle the Doctors' violence-backed medical monopoly and the corrupt drug companies. Only after that can we start to talk sensibly about people having “choice” when it comes to medicine.


Shades of Grey said...

Well put. Healthcare is the last bastion of restrictive trades guilds. What they do is not magic and much of it can be replicated competently and safely by trained and conscientious (or well-governed) people. Bring it on.

Charles Pooter said...


Indeed. By the way, I've added you to our blogroll.

Bwca said...

Don' get me started on the Quack business.

They are excellent for sutures and splints, but beyond that, I agree they are merely reps for BigPharma.

Most of them are 'into their own bag', a higher percentage than the national average are alcoholic (one may say Who Could Blame Them)and I tell everybody I can that "A hospital is no place for an ill person".

Shades of Grey said...

My thanks for the add, Charles. I shall reciprocate.