Wednesday, 20 June 2007


by Charles Pooter


“A UK prisoner was admitted to hospital recently after he hid a mobile phone inside his body and was unable to expel it later. According to the tabloid newspaper, The Sun - Martin Mahoney, a convicted burglar had hidden the mobile phone inside his anus to hide it during a routine prison search. He had spent days trying to get it out, but was eventually forced to confess to guards.

He had to have over 200 internal stitches and the doctors had to remove part of his bladder. He is still recovering in hospital.”


Quink said...

What? No ringpiece jokes?

Charles Pooter said...

Damn, missed that one. Pun malfunction.

Edwin Hesselthwite said...

In the context of another recent LMWN post:

To Mr Goatse, this man would be called The Receiver.

Bwca said...

Call me. Call me now.

Brrrnnng Brrrrrng.
Brrrnng. Brrrnng.

Aaah aaah aaaaah!