Wednesday, 27 June 2007


by Charles Pooter

Many will say he has no mandate. Many will note that he has been accused of control-freakery. Many will say that he is a centraliser, a puritan and an authoritarian. Some will note that he is Scot who depends on Scottish votes to rule England. They will despair and say that we now have an unelected bully as Prime Minister.

Not Little Man, What Now?

We will say simply this: Gordon Brown has been given an historic opportunity and we must give him a chance. We implore him to confound his critics and to fight against his own controlling instincts. We ask him look to the best in his party's history and to that philosophical strand of Labour thought that loves liberty and self-help. Mr Brown: you have an opportunity to usher in a new age of freedom, peace and prosperity. Don't mess it up.


Pritchard Buckminster said...


Edwin Hesselthwite said...

Mr Buckminster, Your tickets are reserved for 11:30 this evening's flight to Frankfurt.

From here we have made plans for you to depart to either Paris or The Cayman Islands, depending on which variation of "defection" you intend to pursue.

We wish you well in all your future endeavours.

Pritchard Buckminster said...

I appreciate that you are being optimistic and truly embracing hope which, after all, is the gift that keeps on giving but there are a couple of very worrying things about our new leader.

He’s intelligent. Worryingly so. Does this mean that he will see and implement innovative solutions to out country’s problems? No. It means he will believe he can get away with it. (Whatever ‘it’ happens to be).

His declared desire to "meet people" and "discuss" all their problems sounded like the biggest load of old cobblers since last time a labour leader lied to us all. (Yesterday wasn’t it?). It’s exactly the carefully crafted turn of phrase you use when someone else has written your bullshit for you. Now this is hardly a new idea but in a speech where he promised to deal with spin culture it just demonstrates the man’s inherent dishonesty.

My repeated submissions to the Government website for a petition to avoid a non-elected individual being in charge were all denied all increasingly spurious grounds so yes I am a bit bitter on the subject but honestly, what do you actually expect the man to do?

Charles Pooter said...

Don't worry Pritchard, I haven't taken leave of my senses, I just think PM is a different job to chancellor and with Blair out of the way I genuinely think we should give the man a chance.

Who knows maybe he will suprise everyone with his first piece of legislation: "The Restoration of Freedom Bill 2007".

And don't say "I told you so" if my optimism is not rewarded. I am making no predictions.

Political Umpire said...

Good luck to him indeed. One comment - Brown is adamant that he is going to be a new regime, not simply a continuation of Blair's policies. In that case, an election seems necessary