Monday, 4 June 2007

Higher, Faster, Stronger, Spiralling Council Tax bills

by Edwin Hesselthwite

As the drums beat louder for the approaching 2012 Olympics Lord Coe and the Olympic Commitee have been committing themselves to bringing the original spirit of the Games forward into the modern era.

The modern Games has a varied and intriguing history... Emerging in the late 1800's as a Western European attempt to cement the newly independent state of Greece (and help some French men recover from a chip on their shoulder about the Franco-Prussian war), the modern image of the Games owes its heritage almost exclusively to Leni Riefenstahl and the German regime of the 30's, who produced the classic documentary movie Olympia. Olympia was the first Olympic documentary, and one of many examples of its abiding influence would be Riefenstahl's idea for running a torch to light an "Olympic Flame".

The Games, with it's emphasis on the perfection of humanity, the body beautiful and its idealistic rejection of pragmatism (drugs aren't natural!) is very strongly influenced by the ideals of the Ubermensch. It is therefore commendable, and a show of real courage, for the 2012 Olympic Committee to reject modern fashions and decide to celebrate it's roots, in symbolism as well as in style.

So, as we watch our wallets thin, we can at least enjoy the new logo, released today... And look forward to the day when it is spread across our entire city.

The new 2012 Olympic Logo, soon to be seen across every wall and advertising sign in Old London Town

And its visual twin:
Twin thunderbolts, a vital image in Norse semiotics

So, it is clear that Coe is doing his best to bring the mythic (and ultimately unfulfilled) aims of the Reich to that ancient and mythic City - London... The city of Hawksmoor, Spring-heeled Jack, a land with soil fertilised with the blood of Kings. It can be no coincidence that a man such as Lord Coe (a member of that eldritch society, the House Of Lords) should be involved in the process of choosing this icon. Soon this ancient Nordic symbol will be brazen on the sides of every Underground Train, as they carry its occult powers to the dark recesses of the Earth. Should this happen to result in some occult event, even the end of Age of Man... Well, I will be saluting you, Fuhrer Coe, as I fight against the dark presences that stumble through Marble Arch.


Charles Pooter said...

Hmm, I think it is just a fucking waste of my money rather than an attempt to immanentize the eschaton.

Incidentally the BBC London news on BBC1 just showed a selection of viewers' suggested alternatives to the design. One of them, rather amusingly, was a clear reference to

It was also posted to the BBC website. Someone on wikipedia got a screenshot. Arf, arf. Still a better design though and far more likely to be "down wid der kids" or whatever shit they are trying to justify this ritalin-fuelled smudge with.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you missed you Juan Antonio Samaranch's roles in both Franco's regime in fascist Spain, and in running the games for 21 years.

Bibliolatrist said...

Nice article, Edwin - glad to see you posting again.

Your article sparked my interest and I soon learned that this logo (or an animated version, anyway) is causing epileptic fits. Nice!

Coincidence? Or conspiracy?

Edwin Hesselthwite said...

Cheers Biblio...

The Domain fiasco knocked the wind out of my sails a bit.. I'm trying to get back into the writing habit.

Looked into that Epilepsy thing - fantastic.

Thanks for the support

mattsantos said...

As a resident of Nagano (host of the 1998 Winter Olympics) I can see the strange impact of the Olympics. Here it meant massive amounts of money (about $10bn) being poured into one of the richest and least populated areas of Japan to furnish Nagano with a high speed rail link it's size doesn't warrant, world class ski jumping and luge venues and more icerinks per person than anywhere else in the world. Whilst enthusiasts of fringe sports clearly gain a lot from hosting the Olympics, any other benefits are harder to pin down especially when you look at what happens to the venues afterwards. One of the medal podiums from the Olympics is now a carpark in the middle of Nagano. I worry about the epic waste and mismanagement ahead for London 2012.