Monday, 18 June 2007


by Charles Pooter

The photo I sent from my mobile phone to the blog whilst at Whipsnade Zoo yesterday seemed to go down well. So I thought I'd upload some photos I took with my proper camera, as well as some photos and videos I took at London Zoo (also run by ZSL) earlier in the year. Click the photos for high resloution versions:

Otters at London Zoo

Meerkat on the lookout at London Zoo

He looked like he was going to dive in, but then he didn't (London Zoo)

London Zoo

Youngsters at London Zoo

Hungry, hungry hippo at Whipsnade

Whipsnade Zoo

White rhino at Whipsnade

Rockhopper penguin at Whipsnade

Plenty of room for natives at Whipsnade


London Zoo

He just wouldn't keep still! (London Zoo)

Always on the lookout! (London Zoo)


Quink said...

I have a deep hatred of otters, thanks to being made to read interminable poetry about the things. The meerkats and the diffident penguin, though, are splendid. And I've never seen the giraffes close up - when do they let you do that?

Charles Pooter said...

I think it was when the giraffes were being fed indoors.

Bwca said...

Meerkats are so cool, and otters? they are funny too [your photo is proof] - they float on their back while eating stuff from their paws.

I love animals so much I cannot bear to go near a zoo
(please, no exhortations re the lack of logic)
... so thank you for that proxy tour.
Albert! Albert? where are you Albert .....