Thursday, 10 May 2007

A Warning to Blogger Bloggers

by Charles Pooter

A cautionary tale for other Blogger users. We recently made use of their "custom domain" service. Our blog, previously at, is now at Although it now has its own custom domain, it is still hosted on the blogspot servers and old URLs are redirected to URLs on the new domain.

The problem is that this has massively reduced our Google ranking and we are now getting about a quarter of the traffic that we had before. I don't know if this is a temporary effect, but I've looked at the Google webmaster tools and there doesn't seem to be a way to associate the new domain with the old one. So far there has been no answer to my enquiry with Google. Oh well, it is not like it is costing us anything I suppose.

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Edwin Hesselthwite said...

Yeah, this is a serious, serious hit to LMWN's "business" model...

To any of our regular readers, you know that we write on random topics, we're essayists and we have to admit we break the two cardinal rules of blogging - "Be personal" and "specialise"... Being a pseudonym based multi-author blog has it's disadvantages, but is a lot of fun to write for. This means that almost our entire readership tactic is based on writing articles that Google will rank high enough to hook us more readers. If the essay is good enough, the style is strong enough, the googlers may stay around to read more...

This unanticipated effect of getting a new domain has completely hobbled LMWN... Our technorati ranking is gone, our google ranking is screwed, we are back at square 1 with a whole heap of good content no one will find.

Excuse the depressing tone of this comment, but I am pretty peeved over this, my motivation to write is based on an audience that has just vanished overnight.