Friday, 27 April 2007

Ted's pet hates No. 1

by Ted Hoffman

No 1. Any reference to Ronnie O'Sullivan's natural ability at snooker.

Aside from such allusions being cliched and boring, snooker is quite obviously not a natural human skill; you acquire the skill of snooker. Good eyesight and a steady hand surely help, but I'll require medical evidence before I am willing to believe that it is attributes such as these that set Ronnie's ability apart.

There may have been some process during the development of Ronnie's brain that made him particularly predisposed to spotting angles on a green table. Though until someone finds the 'snooker gene' I shall follow Occam's Razor and insist that there is no reason to put Ronnie's ability down to anything other than good old fashioned hard work.

I'm sure he doesn't mind basking in his own mystique, but Ronnie is perfectly candid in his autobiography; like most people who are particularly good at something, he practiced from an early age with every spare hour he was given.

No further explanation of his talent is needed. He may be a percentage point better than anyone else at snooker, but that could perfectly well be down to working a percentage point smarter and/or harder than his peers. Besides, snooker is still a young game there will surely be better guys along in the future as coaching improves and the player base expands.

Anyway, I see Higgins made it into the second round.

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Charles Pooter said...

Rubbish, he came out of the womb knowing how to pull off a perfect safety shot!