Monday, 30 April 2007

The Dangers of Optimism

by Edwin Hesselthwite

We behind LMWN are rather proud to announce that we have been doing quite well recently. Our number of RSS subscribers has been climbing of late, and we have finally started getting some pretty strong responses to our articles (we've been averaging just under 1 comment a day for the last month).

We have therefore chosen to completely shoot ourselves in the foot. You may have noticed that the URL at the top of this page is now:

Yes, we've gone and bought ourselves a domain. Ever onwards and upwards, it won't be long at this rate till we have a print edition coming out again (although old Caxton, the press we have still in storage off The Strand, will probably remain in retirement for the foreseeable future. Especially since Tobias walked of with parts of the typeset for "personal reasons").

The disadvantage of this move is that it has reset our status on Technorati and may have interfered with our Feedburner feed (although we are not quite sure what it has done to it yet). We would therefore very much appreciate it if those of you who are bloggers linking to us were to change their links to the new address, thereby pushing us back up to our previous status. Seriously. Pretty, pretty please?

So, as ever, please mind the ductwork and electrical cabling.

1 comment:

Dom Corrigan said...

This surely means that the Charles Pooter T-shirt will have to be altered.