Thursday, 19 April 2007

The Anglosphere Flag

by Charles Pooter

Back in 2003, I designed the above flag. I emailed a version of the flag to Samizdata from the account

Anyway, I notice that it is being used in various places around the web, so I'm posting the higher-resolution version above for use by whoever likes it.

I am licensing it under under a non-commercial creative commons licence, so use it on your blog, but no selling T-Shirts.

Creative Commons License


Dunc said...

I think I'll stick to the George Cross for my flag as an Englishman. The Aussies want to cut their ties (and I dont blame them), the Canadians are nearer America and the good ol' yanks only need us when it suits them. In the UK, the Scots and Welsh sre 'devoluted' so to be quite honest I'm English and happiest this way.

Charles Pooter said...


Yeah, I made it in 2003. These days, I tend to agree.

Happy Saint George's Day!

A Brummie said...

Nice idea! But no welsh dragon in there though, are they overlooked again or refusing to participate?

Happy St George's Day

Project WANNABE said...

I love the flag, but I refuse to fly it right now for political reasons.


If I have a self-defeating argument with myself, does that count as a win or a loss?

A said...

Nice flag. The Anglosphere needs to remember each other and build close ties again.
We can still be separate countries doing separate things whilst co-operating closely at the same time.