Thursday, 29 March 2007

Ted's top 5 songs by the Proclaimers

by Ted Hoffman

The Proclaimers are at number one in the charts and everything is right with the world.

For a Scottish folk pop duo they have more gems in their back catalogue than could ever be reasonably expected. So, in no order, here are my favorites; please rush on to iTunes and pick up those missing from your collections.

Cap In Hand
Basically an anti-English rant, so it would have to be particularly good to get anything other than short shrift from me. Luckily it is blinding.

Over And Done With
The twin who does the backing vocals makes some crazy sounds in this rites-of-passage song.

The Joyful Kilmarnock Blues
With minimal accompaniment from an acoustic guitar, this builds into a brilliant uplifting crescendo.

Don't Give It To Me
Quite twee, but brilliant all the same.

Some great harmonies and backing vocals, even by their high standards.


Charles Pooter said...

What about the one about taking "a loooook doon tha reel trachh"?

Ted Hoffman said...

That one is brilliant too

Edwin Hesselthwite said...

You see, Charles, what Ted is engaging in is that classic fan behaviour, whereby one ignore the hits that introduced you to the music and claim adamantly that their most obscure recording is the best...


People who think there is more to The Cure that "Friday I'm In Love".

People who claim that "I heard it on the grape vine" isn't representative of Otis Reddings best work.

And, of course, people who claim that Superstitious by Stevie Wonder is in any way, shape or form better than his abiding classic "I just called to say I love you".

When finding oneself in conversation with such human specimens as Ted here, please remember these important stock phrases:

"Well, it's ok I guess, but I preferred their early stuff"

"Yeah, but I identify that band by what guitarist they had, when they recruited *x*, it kinda lost me"

With these, you will do fine.

Ted Hoffman said...

You see, Charles, what Edwin is doing is cynically insinuating that my list in some way does not represent my 5 favorite Proclaimers' songs.

An accusation I resent. I am somewhat of an envangelist for the music of the Proclaimers, and am hoping that their current success will mean an increased interest in their back catalogue. Pointing people in the direction of 'letter from America', a song most people know, would hardly achieve this.

Additionally, The Proclaimers aren't a cool band, and knowing obscure songs by them has no cache what so ever.

They only really have 2 very widely known songs. And one is currently at number one. And My list has 5 items.

Edwin Hesselthwite said...

Arse.. Arse.. Arse..

Only came to realise this a moment ago.. "Grape vine" is Marvin Gaye's example of this behaviour, and "Sitting On The Doc Of The Bay" is Redding's.. Either of these examples would have worked - but conflated, make me look a compete asshat... So it goes.

I am happy to hear Mr Hoffman enthuse about this music, and would happily subscribe to his newsletter.

Ted Hoffman said...

Reading between the lines, I sense an apology in your last comment; which of course I am happy to accept. I will subscribe you to the newsletter and I look forward to a future post entitled 'Edwin's top 1 song by Stevie Wonder'.

Charles Pooter said...

I just called to say I'm an asshat?