Thursday, 8 March 2007

Scum and Parasites

by Tobias Gregson

I have been asked to write something for this "blog", apparently the trustees had come across me by reputation and while I cannot say I know any of the staff personally, they strike me as fine upstanding gentlemen. So, while I can't promise a regular output and have little understanding of the technology, I suppose I will give it a go. It hasn’t gone down well with Mrs Gregson, who snorted at the suggestion, but I think it may be a good way for me to lower my blood-pressure. Also, the regulars at the Three Tuns are sick of the sound of my voice.

So, MPs have voted for a fully-elected House of Lords. Apparently this is some great victory for democracy, a glorious day and the triumph of the liberal heritage. Well let me just say Harumph! Some new red dispatch boxes being carried around and more business for the prostitutes and rent boys of Soho: this is just another victory for parasitical politicians in their unerring quest to dig to the bottom of my wallet!

At present the few remaining genuine Lords (the ones whose ancestors killed a dragon…or killed a Frenchman…or were the son of a Frenchman…or some German from the house of Hanover) and the fake Lords (the appointed cronies) do not get paid. That's right, they don't get a salary. They get expenses, but they actually have to turn up to get that. What a novel concept for a politician: having to turn up to your job to get paid!

If and when the upper house of this great nation is fully-elected, the party hacks who get in will demand a proper salary just like MPs (about £60,000 a year). This will be yet another set of swine at the trough devouring my taxes. Just think about all the pig-pens we will have for elected politicians to congregate: city, borough and county councils; regional assemblies; national assemblies; the Houses of Commons and Lords; the European Parliament. Hordes of these porkers standing between we, the citizenry, and Her Royal Highness (The Rubber Stamp).

An elected House of Lords: yet more scum and parasites feeding on the public purse.


Charles Pooter said...


A great first rant! Welcome to the team.


Ted Hoffman said...


We have actually met before, albeit briefly. If I recall correctly, you accused me of being a communist for recycling a small paper cup.

Anyway, a magnificent first post, welcome to the team.


Edwin Hesselthwite said...

Welcome to the team Tobias...

We hope you can maintain your bile levels while keeping down the blood pressure.