Wednesday, 28 March 2007

The Right to Pipe - Exempting Shishas from the Smoking Ban

by Edwin Hesselthwite

Continuing today's theme of government e-petitions:

This journal has unexpectedly become something of a hub for the anti-anti-smoking debate: our most recurringly popular article of recent months was about LMWN's opposition to the NHS Hook Advert, we lost our temper when the smoking-ban act passed through parliament and today I, a man who has never been a regular smoker, am continuing this theme.

I am a long term and enthusiastic fan of Shisha cafes, abundant throughout Britain's metropolitan areas these middle eastern imports are an excellent social alternative to pubs without the debilitating effects of alcohol. Wander into a middle-eastern restaurant, order a mint-tea and fruit flavoured Shisha and smoke light tobacco until the debating is done. They are also a superb way to become intimate with members of the opposite sex (I will have hell dating without them). I'm not going to get stuck in the morass of debate as to whether the water filtering makes them healthier than normal smoking, but I will point out they are much softer on the throat.

Anyway, besides the point. These are being hit by the farcically broad brush smoking ban and the middle-eastern restauranters are seeing the writing on the wall for their industry... They've taken their time getting started but now they are finally making some political headway. Following the success the motorists lobby had with the Downing Street petitions, there is now one up suggesting this pastime be exempt from the imminent steam-roller of the smoking ban. At the time of posting there are only 2,702 signatories.

Those organising this don't appear to be all that web-savvy, and it is yet to become a web-meme... We all know how powerful the blognation can be when everyone cross-links, so I politely ask that you crosspost this link on your websites. It may be fun to generate some political steam, and stand with Islamic culture for one of the few social drugs their texts permit - I'm looking at you, Samizdata.

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Pritchard Buckminster said...

Agree completely. Signed and forwarded to all and sundry. Down with the nanny state. My body is a temple (one of those strange ones they occasionally uncover in South America) and I'll do to it (in it?) as I please.