Friday, 9 March 2007

Man Who Believes in Aliens Accuses Others of Madness

by Charles Pooter

UFOlogist Nick Redfern moans that hunters and fishermen are worried that global warming will be detrimental to their sport:

Their concern is that global warming is now starting to affect their ability to enjoy certain “outdoor experiences” and “traditions.” And what are those aforementioned traditions and outdoor experiences? Killing animals for sport!

Is our society really at a point where the most important thing to some people about global warming is that it will take away their ability to slaughter animals for mindless, macho-driven entertainment? If the answer to that question is yes, then the world has truly gone insane
Well Nick, I've enjoyed your books and think that you (and John Keel and Jacques Vallée) might be on to something, but you should be more tolerant of others' pursuits. After all, you are a man who has a very unusual occupation yourself.

I sincerely hope that, even though it seems less and less likely, global warming turns out to be a load of old bollocks and the good folk of Colorado and elsewhere can continue their hunting and fishing even after the aliens finally decide to land on the White House lawn.

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Nick Redfern said...


I understand what you are saying, but I think that you (and others) have missed the point.

As I noted in my reply to Paul Kimball's comment on this at UFOMystic: my sheer amazement and disbelief was based not on the fact that these people are hunters (that's part of their culture and as a non-American, it's not my place to say that the way they live is wrong); but on the fact that with respect to Global Warming, their first response was not how GW would affect their families and future generations; but how it would affect their ability to kill animals.

Would I go hunting? No I wouldn't. But I am tolerant of people whose cultural activities are different to mine - just in the same way that I will do whatever is necessary to uphold my way of life and my cultural activities

So being tolerant of hunters (or not) has nothing at all to do with my amazement about the original story.

I am (as above) amazed, however, that with the environment possibly collapsing in the next 100 years (if not before), all these people seem to be worrying about is whether they can bag a few deer and duck.

My point is that their priorities demonstrated here are vastly off-track - not a debate on whether hunting should be tolerated or not.