Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Help me.

by Unknown


This isn’t a well thought out article. It’s not going to be erudite and dryly amusing but please stick with me.

This is a genuine plea from the heart.

This is one example where both halves of my somewhat schizophrenic social and political mentality have coalesced into a single, specific purpose that drives me forwards.


It just isn't an option.

I will leave if I must but I am offering a simple, and hopefully satisfying, answer.

Using the fun new Government petition website lets start a motion that a change in leader of the ruling party automatically requires a general election. After all it’s not as if we vote for the party or their policies, now is it? No, it’s a popularity contest. (Or a least unpopular contest anyway). No one has voted for that ghastly northern number cruncher and I am suggesting that, given the option, no one would.

Help me, please. I can’t afford to emigrate this year.


Charles Pooter said...

The trouble with this kind of outburst is that, as with Paul Daniels and Jim Davidson, it invites others to just say "OK, what are you waiting for?"

Although, actually, I agree: I'm not relishing the prospect of "Prime Minister Broon".

Edwin Hesselthwite said...

I understand where you are coming from, Mr Pritchard "Phil Collins" Buckminster?

For me, the jury is still out on Brown (on the issues I really care about: Liberty, Europe and Urban politics, he hasn't really shown his hand yet... All we have to work on are guestimates based on his personality) but I can see why he would get your back up.

One minor note, can you please use the epithet "Scotch" as opposed to "Northern"... You're offending 25 Million Britons... Cheers.

The problem is I find the idea of Prime Minister Cameron brick-shittingly terrifying. The Toffs are coming back to town. Landed, Etonian, opportunistic scum who will bleed the country dry. I'm seriously coming to realise I may have to do something at the next election I have never done before: Vote for the candidate in Red.

God, I feel unclean just thinking about it.

Pritchard Buckminster said...

Don't be silly Edwin - you'll never vote red. You simply won't allow yourself to. The application for the petition is in - waiting for the response.