Sunday, 25 March 2007

Comedy Lists

by Charles Pooter

Four things that the British public know and like, that are not very good:

  1. Catherine Tate
  2. Peter Kay
  3. Little Britain
  4. Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps
Four things that the British public don't know or care about, that are very funny:
  1. Charlie Brooker's Screen Wipe
  2. Recent South Park seasons
  3. Viz
  4. Idiocracy
One thing that almost nobody knows about that I think will probably be very funny:
  1. Biffovision pilot episode 3:15-3:45 tomorrow (Monday 26th) morning. Set your Sky+ or PVR (or VHS if you are hopelessly out of touch).


Ted Hoffman said...

I rather like Peter Kay

Dom Corrigan said...

May I mention my monumental Neil Hamburger addiction?

Charles Pooter said...


Yes, you are right. I was wrong to group Kay with that other shite. I enjoyed quite a bit of Pheonix Nights and, as you reminded me, the episode of That Peter Kay Thing entitled Leonard was both funny and touching. I just think he has started to become a "celebrity" rather than a comedian and has allowed his comedy to become too broad. Oh yeah, I like elements of Little Britain, but they have clearly gone down the easy route of catchphrases and silly wigs.


I've never seen or heard Mr Hamburger. Any media online?

Charles Pooter said...

Also, about Biffovision, it turned out to be more bizarre than amusing, but in its defence (for anyone who watched it) it was a pilot episode with a tiny budget. I recon it has potential.

Ted Hoffman said...

Youtube has plenty of bits of Mr hamburger. I think you might like it Charles.

Dom Corrigan said...
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