Saturday, 24 February 2007

A Superlative Wedding

by Charles Pooter

I am currently on holiday in Mexico. I've been having a wonderful time relaxing, exploring the ruins of the sophisticated and savage Mayan civilisation and diving in cenotes (more on this when I return...possibly). However the primary reason for my long trip to the New World was to attend the wedding of Mr and Mrs Ted Hoffman. It was a beautiful ceremony celebrating the union of two people who are clearly very much in love. Mrs Hoffman looked resplendent and the groom and best man were perfect hosts. It is at times like these that our usual reticence must be disposed with, so I ask the rest of the Little Men to join me in wishing Mr and Mrs Ted Hoffman a hearty congratulations!


Edwin Hesselthwite said...

I, Edwin Hesselthwite, raise a mug of warm beer to you Ted Hoffman...

May your family be long on English shores!

mattsantos said...

May I echo those kind words. Ted Hoffman is my brother and I wish him many happy memories with his lovely new wife. As he said himself:
"He's punching above his weight".