Saturday, 27 January 2007

Unfulfilled Promises - An Abject Apology for Debts About to be Fulfilled

by Edwin Hesselthwite

Good afternoon little men...

On crisp January saturdays when I find myself resting gently in my evening chair, I am drawn to consider my record at this fine publication (my favourite pipe clasped in my hand). I have written some pieces I am proud of, trying my hand at humour, essays, politics... Amidst this glory however, there has been an unfortunate trend among my work, a trend that does me little credit - unfulfilled promises.

On too many occasions have I have lead the reader to anticipate a sequel to a post, and then found myself unable to draw that article down. The proposed series of pieces on the BBC was shortlived (2 articles, barely), I never wrote a piece about the Curta Calculator (one day I will, it's a fantastic story including Nazi's, mechanical computers and track racing !), and most recently a promised piece on the political history of animation failed, miserably, to materialise. I have let my muse down, I have let the topics down, I have let my readers down.

Excuse me while I remove the stick from my arse...

More seriously, I write these lede's as cattle drivers, incentives to make myself work on fundamentally more substantial pieces that require a certain commitment to lay down as text - I guarantee I'm going to get myself stuck in this rutt again. In writing for LMWN the aim of much of my material is to hand the reader interesting objects of miscellany, fully developed, to excite interests in my passions. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but it should always have a moustache and a cup of Earl Grey in its hand.

On this occasion I lead with the news that my Animation piece is now finally on the last stretch of track, and will be finished in the next few days. So thanks for bearing with me. And please enjoy this one.

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