Thursday, 11 January 2007

mr_wizard: A Stylish Blog of Miscellany

by Charles Pooter

Most blogs seem to be about a particular subject: politics, transport, conspiracy theories, whatever. The most popular blogs (that aren't just link lists) seems to follow this monomaniacal trend. But my favourite blogs don't have a particular theme, they just take my fancy. Little Man, What Now? reflects the current obsessions of its authors and nothing more. If this happens to be interesting to a few people then great, but is it possible for a blog of miscellany to ever get really popular? I would say that one candidate where this might happen is mr_wizard.

Combining incisive reviews of films, books and TV with an enthusiasm for new technology that I share, David of mr_wizard has crafted a blog that is informative and (unlike LMWN) very stylish. I especially like the way high-resolution graphics are found and used for the beginning of each post. David obviously has a designer's eye, which makes his blog look professional in a way that even top blogs don't.

1 comment:

David said...

Well I really appreciate this. Something certainly needed to happen to rouse me from my senseless blog-hiatus. I've got things to do now, you see.