Sunday, 15 January 2006

The origins of the Great War of 2007

by Ted Hoffman

Some interesting speculation from Niall Ferguson in the Telegraph.

Saturday, 14 January 2006

Happy 1st Birthday Little Man What Now

by Ted Hoffman

Though technically the first (unremarkable) LMWNOW post was published on December 28th, 2004, the first pieces of any substance appeared almost a month later on this day a year ago.

Since our inception, there have been (at the time of writing) 204 posts and an increase in the number of contributors from just myself and Dom to the current 5.

So thanks to my fellow LMWNOWers for their contributions, updated infrequently it is an often stupid, little read, corner of the web, but of the apparently 4 to 40 million blogs out there I rather like it. So keep up the work, good or otherwise.

by Charles Pooter

Brian Micklethwait is thinking about starting a vlog, vodcast , video podcast or something similar (there is no commonly accepted neologism for amateur web video). I think this a great idea and am looking forward to seeing interviews, debates, rants and discussions featuring people with whom I share at least some common ground, rather than the procession of statist dinosaurs that appear on most BBC political programmes.

Brian has long and impressive track record of spreading libertarian ideas in innovative ways, both with his Libertarian Alliance publication programme and with his weblogs. Here's hoping that this will be another success!

Friday, 13 January 2006


by Ted Hoffman

I've long thought the best way to re-engage the youth of this country with politics would be for one of our elected politicians to take the bull by the horns and pretend to be a cat on TV. Well it's not before time, well done George.

Friday, 6 January 2006

Bye Bye Chatshow Charlie

by Edwin Hesselthwite

With the pathetic political featherweight Charles Kennedy on his way to a red nose, rosacea and a new pair of kidneys, we find ourselves at a crossroads for a new leader for the Liberal Democrats. Surveying the assorted field of candidates, from the irritatingly SDP Simon Hughes (Sod off and join Gordon Brown’s Labour Party if you want to tax them till the pips squeek) to the frankly incompetent Sarah Teather (She’s my own MP, she’s done a good job for me as a glorified social worker, I voted for her at the last election and she should not be allowed to run the country) one becomes a little puzzled. None of them is suited to filling the leadership of the Party of Gladstone and Asquith.

Thus, bearing news of new technologies mixing modern genetics, the genius of Serbian scientist Nikolai Tesla, and the ancient art of mesmerism, we at the leading edge of our culture and technology offer a new solution:

Steps are already underway to disinter, from its resting place in Llanystumdwy, Wales, the dessicated corpse of David Lloyd George. A glorious return for the leader who gave the franchise to all working men, and giving the Liberals back a figurehead lacking the tainted mark of David Owen's apalling Social Democratic Party. An end to all these Scots in the executive - The Welsh are returning to government! All hail our new prime minister in waiting! Note should also be made that Shoggoth, our new shadow deputy prime minister, is in no way connected to The Cthulhu, and is not responsible for the hordes of entranced masses collecting in front of the London Eye.

Sunday, 1 January 2006

Edwin Hesselthwite - Personal Profile.

by Edwin Hesselthwite

A late arrival amongst LMWN's masked insurgents, Edwin is the journal's verbiest contributor. With no understanding of the words succinctness, terseness or brevity; Edwin has ploughed a trough of complete, thorough and mind-crushingly loooonnnnnng articles. His life outside his abode in the Big Smoke is a list of bizarre accidents, and he has stumbled into more diplomatic incidents than is really justifiable of anyone outside a Douglas Adams novel. Nonetheless, like a true Khaki-clad gent he leaps instinctively towards such events and ruminates (in his easy chair) on their use as material.

On LMWN, his focuses are Londonism, Retro-Technology, Science Fiction, Evil Baby-Boomer Vermin and Culture. Since joining the team he has dreamed of writing the definitive article on The Curta Calculator and Be-Bop Jazz, these fantasies remain as yet unfulfilled.

6 Significant Articles:

On Culture: Dixieland, Red Heads With Long, Long Legs and Randy Wolves — Animation of The Golden Age - A study (with YouTube embeds) of the cartoons of the 1930's-1950's, emphasising Jazz, racism, politics and intellectual property (considered Edwin's strongest, and also longest, article)

On Foreign Affairs: Dispatches from Ladakh - A religious festival with guns - Words from the Indian State Of Kashmir at a time of political importance, when people are pointing guns at each other.

On Humour: Mouse Dies Screaming - Man versus Rodent, more The Green Mile than Tom and Jerry, because let's face it... Jerry's dead.

On Politics: Poor Old Stephen Milligan, Begin Again - A conspiratorial piece discussing the death by autoerotic-asphyxiation of a Conservative MP in the mid-90's, and his work for the most corrupt department in Whitehall.

On Londonism: The Birth-Place of Communism is Converted to Flats, Offers Welcome at Your Estate Agent. - Pretty self explanatory, go read.

On Fiction: Science Fiction Podcaster Throws His Weight Around - A discussion of Escape Pod Podcast and modern SF, the comments may be more interesting than the article.

(The rest of his posts can be found here, Blogger's generic profile can be found here
it contains no further useful information)