Tuesday, 26 December 2006

A Solstice Dose of Site Admin.

by Edwin Hesselthwite

As should be apparent from the content we provide - we, the team behind LMWN, have fantastic relationships with our families, extremely fulfilling personal lives and are generally exemplary members of the human race.

It should therefore be immediately clear that the site upgrades (the upgrade to The New Blogger chewed up our banner, template, links list and RSS feed; all of which have now been repaired) we have finally managed to implement were perfected long before the holiday weekend, and were only released following Winterval as a gift to you, our readers.

Thank you for bearing with us over the past two weeks, and we would be grateful if any users experiencing browser problems give us a yell.

One final comment, we at LMWN are (as ever) looking to expand our team, and some foreign correspondents would not go amiss, particularly for the part of the world George III referred to as The Colonies. So, if any of our readers across The Pond would be willing to take up the post, we'd love to have you drop us a note.


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