Friday, 22 December 2006

A brief Technicolor warm-up for a work in progress

by Edwin Hesselthwite

Here we have another attempt at a lede, I have a significant post brewing on the topic of the Hollywood Animated Shorts of the 30's-50's. For your viewing pleasure I post one of the most overtly political and historically important... Tex Avery's first work in his classic period at MGM.

The colour, the detail, this is Animation and this is rich. I love the war era politics that make it clear that there is far more to cartoons than just Disney's and Warner Brothers's obsessive desire to brand themselves as something to do with magic and the family. The adult jokes about erectile dysfunction, pornography and war bonds really hit the spot for me - Avery was clearly keen on mixing the adult and childish, never missing an opportunity to throw in a classic gag like the old "look at me, I'm full of holes" routine.

So, if you want to know more about classic animation before I give you my lengthy, ill-informed and opinionated ramblings, I give you two blog links: All Kinds Of Stuff and Animation ID. All Kinds Of Stuff is the blog of John K, the father of Ren And Stimpy. He's turned into something of a grand old man of animation and his encyclopaedic knowledge of the medium is stunning. Animation ID is Thad Komorowski's blog, he's a student of the art and posts daily with shorts and discussions.

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