Thursday, 7 December 2006

The Big Opt Out

by Charles Pooter

It is becoming a full-time to job to keep up with the ways Tony's Fun Size Facism(© Charles Pooter 2006) is destroying our liberty, privacy and dignity. His Government's lastest madcap wheeze is having all your medical records uploaded, without your consent, from GP surgeries to the NHS' dysfunctional, insecure IT system. From there they can be accessed by NHS staff members, the Police (reassurances to the contrary are worthless) and any wino who happens to wander past a hospital terminal, whilst getting his head wound seen to, after a good Saturday night's shouting at strangers.

At this late stage of freedom's end-game it is probably futile, but please write to your GP and ask to opt-out.

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Pritchard Buckminster said...

Upon a youthful (and mis-guided) application to Mr Peel's Facist Enforcers I endured the painful experience of having every trip to the surgery I have ever made put under scrutiny with explanations demanded. By a committee. Of arseholes. Listen to this man. Opt out now!