Thursday, 9 November 2006

Site renovations, please mind the dust and the dangling electrical cables.

by Edwin Hesselthwite

Over the past couple of weeks we at LMWN have been going through a little bit of a dip in productivity, and would like to apologise to any regular readers who’ve been hitting the load button only to find no new content here.

The reason for this should be immediately apparent – we’ve been renovating the place. Please note the new origin section down the right hand side, the new randomised rotating pictorial banners, the improved chat-room and the arrival of Pritchard Buckminster onto the - fully salaried - contributors list. In the true spirit of LMWN we would like to make it clear that these features have always been there; it’s your memory deceiving you again if you think otherwise, we suggest you see your psychiatrist.

So, we thank you for your patience and hope you enjoy the shinyness, a shinyness we hope will soon turn to yellowed oak and tarnished silver.


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