Wednesday, 8 November 2006

Reality Bites

by Unknown

Over the last few years I have noticed that I increasingly wish to ban reality from my living room. I’m not talking about those awful “reality” shows (quote marks very much necessary) but anything in which the main theme is suffering or pain.

Be it Saw III (which created the brilliant term ‘gore porn’ but still, ugh) or the documentary ‘The Boy With No Skin or Eyes Who Has to Work 25 Hours a Day Down T’Pit etc etc’ these vomitous outpourings of over-active imaginations (fiction) or over-invasive reporting (everything else) leave me feeling very uncomfortable.

Yet this is the time in our society when we should fully immerse ourselves in the data stream lest those sneaky corporate puppets running [ruining] this country sneak another morally ambiguous war past us. Those of us who always assume we are being lied to and therefore have a responsibility to pay more attention are, I suspect, the most likely to be bruised by the dehumanised nature of the data feed.

Propositio. The current trend in media development is a subtle attempt to leave us open to the idea of violent behaviour in light of probable future interactions in global events.

Occurro Propositio. I’m turning in to an old man and already slipping behind what is acceptable and utilising conspiracy nonsense to add an air of dignity to my fear.

And yet… within the books with which I coccoon myself violence and pain abound, they are necessary…. demanded even. What is the distinction? Is it the common nature of the medium tied with the content that causes repugnance or is it simply that the pictures in my head are filtered through, well, me? Do I act as my own censor or is it that, like Wilfred Owens’ masterpieces, horror is lessened when wrapped in beauty and understanding, something that the lowest- common- denominator-oriented moron box cannot aspire to?

Can it simply be that the unacceptable, like beauty is in the eye of the beer-holder?

Or is your acceptance defined by how much beer you hold?



Edwin Hesselthwite said...

Welcome on board Pritchard! Cracking first post.

Glad to have you amongst the little men.

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Hello Pritchard, glad to have you on board.