Monday, 13 November 2006

Commercially Viable Opium

by Unknown

Viewed by a sufficiently (but not excessively) long-lived entity, mankind’s obsessive and unhealthy interest with the newfangled ‘TV’ shares all the hallmarks of a destructive drug addiction.

There were the early experiments, the youthful exuberance and experimentation whose memes were so powerful that even now they persist despite being swamped by newer, brighter, types. Some of that early stuff left it’s scars.

Then came global availability, lowered street price and a massive increase in usage. If you succumbed your family fell quickly with you, this stuff was addictive. The children use more than their parents, the grandchildren start earlier. Noisy child? “A little bit will keep him quiet, it does no harm”.

Only now we are seeing the rising fatalities. Impure product is infiltrating the system. Auntie has stopped caring and the content is poor and hurtful. Bloated and gorged but always wanting more the helpless addicts sit trapped in their homes waiting for the heart attack or stroke that will follow.

The using public is splitting, a bi-polar entity with the vast, accepting herd on one side sinking ever deeper into the incident pit of their own apathy. Stuffed with facts but knowing nothing. The ‘TV’ gives them a window on the World outside their window.

On the other side are the minority staring in horror at the flickering light, the foil takeaway containers like discarded syringes and the drawn curtains protecting the fragile image and hiding furtive goings-on. More and more money spent, a bigger screen needed now to get the same pleasure, more and more miles of cabling, special additions, special addictions until like Tolkien’s pitiable beast you are at the dealers’ bargaining for a few pounds off the next deal because you wants it, you neeeeeeeeeeds it.

Religion as the opiate? You poor deluded fool. We know religion is dead because we saw it on ‘TV’ last night.

I have to go now. I’m missing Top Gear.


Picture from Here, a blog on intellectual property law, LMWN plays with fire!


Edwin Hesselthwite said...

Long lived entities lurking outside watching in? Am I the only one thinking Shoggoths here?

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